Monday, June 25, 2007

The Decorating Blues...

It's almost like a reality TV show. We have a $100 budget to redo the basement bedroom....

When we first visited our church here four years ago, we stayed in the guest bedroom downstairs. Apparently it had been used by a teen-aged member of the former pastor's family. She had a strange taste in decorating - opting to paint the walls black and use foam stamps to imprint swirls and other designs in fluorescent paint on the walls.

While it didn't bother us at all, there were some who expressed their horror about the room, apologizing profusely for our having to stay in such a dreadfully decorated room. "Sure we'll repaint it," we said, with good intentions.

However the old adage "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" prevailed. Since the room is in the finished part of the basement, the only time we thought about it was when missionaries or evangelists came to visit. Then I'd go downstairs, air out the room and clean it in preparation for our company. "Uh-oh," I'd say. "We really need to redo this room after our guests leave." And of course, I'd forget about it again.

Now it has fallen to my daughter-in-law to redecorate, since they are using the downstairs as an apartment right now. Discussions on paint and primer, wallpaper, borders, window treatments have ensued. Can we do this on our budget? Can we ever decide on the type of wallpaper or color of the walls?

Call in Hildy, Frank and Andrew the carpenter.... Call in the WYWO crew... HELP!!!!!! The only good thing about it all is that we don't have to finish it in 2 days...

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