Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Counting our spiritual calories

I have been dieting for about 3 months now and lost 25 pounds. It has been a good experience this time around (Yep - I'm a yo-yo...dieter that is LOL!)

One of the things that has helped is that I am logging everything I eat. It's a lot of work and a pain in the neck at times, but now that I've got a list of foods I frequently eat on my food tracker, well, it takes a lot less time.

From the articles I've read, the research shows that those who log their intake each day have a higher percentage of weight loss and more often reach their goal. Why? Because logging their food gives them a sense of accountability - they know what they are actually consuming each day and are more motivated to stay within prescribed limits.

When I first started logging calories, carbs, fat, etc, I was amazed at what I was actually eating each day - far more than I needed that's for sure. Too often I just ate without even thinking about it and conveniently overlooked the calories or brushed them aside as inconsequential. By writing things down, I am aware of how much I am taking in and how much I actually need.

It got me thinking about my spiritual diet. As a pastor's wife, I am involved in church activities and my daily writing routine here at home. But how is my spiritual diet coming along? I wonder if I began logging all the spiritual "calories" I took in during the day and the spiritual exercises I did, would I be a spiritual anorexic or would I be a satiated Christian?

How much time do I spend exercising my spiritual muscles in prayer, witnessing or caring for others? How much of Him do I consume daily through reading the Word and personal worship time each day?

Even if I don't have a lot of time to devote to devotions, are the spiritual calories I am able to consume the milk or strong meat kind? Are they empty calories, nutritionless nothings that aren't able to fortify me in times of distress or despair?If I were to log each prayer heavenward, would there be many prayers or just a few during my day? Would they be the garden variety of "Bless so and so?" Or would they be sessions of true interceding?

That's a lot of tough questions and I'm not sure how I measure up. I know I am spiritually healthier than I was when I first started out in ministry, but I doubt I am as healthy as I could be. So maybe it's time to start logging my spiritual "calories" and exercise along with the logs I keep on my physical diet. That way as I take off the unwanted body weight, I will become more accountable to God to build a healthier relationship with Him and stronger spiritual muscles.

So how are you doing?

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Aaron said...

Wow, good analogy! People always say right it down. I guess it works. I need to try both of these 'trackers'!