Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We're home!

We're back - arriving home about 11:15 last night following a whole week with the grandchildren in Florida. What a great trip.

We were up early last Tuesday to make it to the airport by 5:30 am for our 7:00 flight. Since we flew out of a smaller local airport, security wasn't so daunting. It is so amazing to me that it only took a half a day, even with layovers to travel 1000 miles!

Yes, we had flown before, though it had been over 35 years ago so it was a real treat.

It was much like the changing of the guard at the Orlando airport as my son-in-law brought his mom and sister to the airport for their flight home at the same time we arrived. Three year old Abby was so upset that they were leaving until she found out her daddy was bringing us back with him!

Of course the best part of the trip was spending time with the grandchildren and holding the new baby. Katie is such a good baby - I guess it's because with 4 other siblings, she got used to the commotion even before she was born. We had to watch 2 year old Sam every minute because every time the baby cried, he would go over to her and try to pick her up.

Besides just hanging out, we did get to the ocean for a day so I brought home lots of shells and a little sunburn. We also got to see a lot of alligators around the area where the grandkids live (though not up close!) though they tell us there is at least one living in the canal behind their house.

Anyway, it's back to life as usual. I'm thankful for the memories of the last week and now am motivated to start saving for the next trip.

Thanks to so many of my online friends who e-mailed to say they missed me!

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Deborah said...


Congratulations on your newest addition! That is so awesome.

I do remember you guys being in the Potomac District. My hubby and I actually pastored Lakeside AG in Oakland, MD for 5.5 years before moving back to VA. Thanks for connecting with me. I am sorry you missed the post.

Blessings to you!