Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are you using the right cup?

A young man struggled to breathe the stifling air of the overcrowded train car in Dehli. It was hot outside, causing the temperature inside the railway car to reach 120 degrees. Around him, several passengers suffered from varying degrees of heat exhaustion. From the front of the car, a voice cried out, "Will someone bring a cup of water? There is an ill man here."

The young man made his way to the water fountain and drew a cup of water, then made his way to the prostrate man at the front of the car holding out the much needed water. He noticed the ill man was a Brahman, a member of the highest caste in India. Though the young man held out the water cup, the Brahman man ignored it. It was as though the young man wasn't even there.

Someone nearby suggested, "You must use the Brahman's cup."

Once more the young man made his way to the fountain with the Brahman's cup and filled it. This time when he held the cup out to the ill man, the Brahman reached for the cup, gulping the water down.

"Thank yo so much." the man said. "I was so thirsty. I really needed that. "

The young man made his way back to his seat, saddened by what had occurred. His neighbor leaned over to him and said, "Don't be upset. Yes the Brahman man needed the water you offered and your help was appreciated. You just used the wrong cup."

After hearing that story, the Lord spoke to my heart. There are so many who need to hear the message of the unconditional love of Christ. It is the cup of water which will save their lives. Yet even when He is held out to them, they act like He isn't even there. It is as though He is invisible.

Perhaps it's because I am handing Him to them in the wrong cup. As a writer, do I use "church-ese," a language commonly understood by believers - or do I present the Gospel in words those outside the church can relate to? What type of writing do I use to deliver His message - devotions which appeal to Christians or other genres which will capture the attention and imagination of all who read it? Am I blogging on Christian sotes or on other networks where the thirsty can read it?

We have a life-giving message for those around us. We just have to use the right "cup" to deliver it!

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