Monday, July 21, 2008

Women's summer meeting idea - Have a fruit fest!

Feeling a little fruity? The long hot days of summer can sure make you feel that way at times, especially if you're home with the kids all day. Why not celebrate the bounties of the summer season with a fruity party idea?

Our ladies are having their annual Fruit Fest tonight. Each one who comes is bringing 2 cups of one summer fruit which we will mix all together for a fantastic fruit salad. On the sign up list I saw blueberries, strawberries peaches, melons, grapes - you name it, it was there. Are you salivating yet?

Or if you want something a little fancier, serve the fruits with a variety of dipping sauces from chocolate fondue (yummy!) to a whipped cream or cream cheese type dip. Oh, I can just see the calories adding up with this one.

Along with the fruity theme of the party you might plan a "getting to know you" game - What kind of fruit are you and why? Plus a time of devotions on Biblical fruit. Scripture has lots to say about fruit - bearing fruit, the fruit of the spirit, being the apple of his eye, etc.

Try fruit trivia - I googled "peach trivia" and found all kinds of interesting things about them like where they originated and peaches in early America. I feel a quiz coming on...

Have everyone bring their favorite fruity recipe to share and you could even have someone give a demonstration on making some kind of fruity dish or how to can/freeze certain kinds of fruit. Most of our ladies here have been canning and freezing foods for so long, they know how by heart!

Decorations can include pictures of fruit, displays of artificial or real fruit - or just skip the decorations all together and have your get-together at a park or church pavilion like we're doing with picnic table cloths, paper plates and no clean up!

However you choose to do it, fruit makes a fun refreshing theme for a women's summer get-together. Have a fruity day!

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