Monday, November 5, 2007

Pumpkin hugs

It's the little things the Lord does that helps me to know He will handle the bigger things in my life.

Well, actually, these blessings aren't so little - the pumpkins weigh over 10 pounds each. I'm not sure what they are called - I only know them as Amish-grown long-neck pumpkins. Ever since I tasted pies made with them 30 years ago, I look for them each fall, hoping to purchase a few. The neck of these pumpkins is solid - only the bulb on the end contains seeds. They are much easier to prepare than the traditional round orange pumpkins.

I found one a few weeks ago, which made my mouth water for more, but alas, there were none to be had here in our new home town. While traveling this week I spied a whole bin of them at a roadside stand, but because of time constraints and heavy hearts we weren't able to stop.

It was just a little thing - but God knew my heart. Saturday, some friends and I stopped at a farmer's market near Hershey, PA. I was so excited to see whole pallets of these pumpkins. They ranged in price from $4 to $10 for the really huge ones, so I picked out two in the $5 range. I would have purchased more, but my funds were low at the time.

When I reached the register, the woman totaled my purchase. "That will be $2."

Two dollars total? She went on to explain that it was the last day for the market to be open for this fall season so everything was marked down. I went back and picked out one more, glad for the opportunity to fill my freezer with the prelude to pie.

Not only did God supply my wants, He supplied them at a bargain price!

It was the end of a long emotionally draining week filled with hours of travel, waiting rooms and difficult family decisions. The pumpkins were truly a gift from God just to let me know He cared. His concern for the little things in my life bolstered my faith that He will take care of the big things. And He has.

With each bite of pie made from these blessings, I will remember to be thankful for His love and provision in all the areas of life. Thank you Lord for pumpkin hugs.

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