Friday, November 23, 2007

It's a Weekend Wedding!

There has never been a Thanksgiving wedding in our family to date, but this year there will be. Rather than tramping the highways and byways shopping on this holiday weekend, well be participating in our nieces wedding.

The wedding is turning out to be a real family affair - her mom made all the gowns - yep! - from bridesmaids to wedding gowns. The bride and her sister are doing all the decorating for the reception hall and as is their family tradition, they really go all out.

I made the invitations and am doing the programs and my son is doing the pictures. One of the brides aunts on her mom's side is doing the reception dinner - a full course turkey dinner. The bride even made her own cake and will have it professionally decorated by a friend who works in a bakery.

Tara has been planning her wedding for as long as I can remember - collecting wedding paraphernalia whenever it was on sale - buying silk Calla lilies and everything - long before she met her future husband. She has always known what she wanted and worked toward that end even though she didn't know when it would happen.

What a neat reminder to us as Christians. We should be constantly aware that someday our "Groom" will come for us and we should be storing up our treasures in heaven awaiting that day while we go about our daily lives here.

God bless you Tara and Justin as you tie the knot tomorrow. May God's hand rest on all you do for Him.

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