Monday, November 5, 2012

Our all-seeing God - Monday moments with God

My Dearest Child.

I know you by name. I know where you are going and why. I know you feel like running away because things hurt so bad, you don't feel like you can bear them. But there is no need to run from the difficulties of your life, for I am here with you in the midst of them. I am El Roi, the God who sees you.

No matter how bad things look, I have a plan already in place for you. Go back; meet your struggles head on and rest in me. You may think you are alone in the wilderness of your struggles, but I am there. I see how life buffets you, causing you to run and hide. I see how you weep, alone in the night, ready to give up and die because you hurt so much inside.

Hold my hand and walk through the difficulties with me. I will bless you and hold you up for I am the God who sees you.


* Based on Hagar's story in Genesis 16:13.

Because of the acts of others, we are often bruised and beaten down, finding ourselves in painful circumstances. We may even feel like running away, but El Roi sees and cares for us. He comes to us, offering to help bear the pain we feel, strengthening us and building us up according to his plan. Hold the hand of the God who sees you as you face the most difficult circumstances of your life today.

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