Friday, November 16, 2012

Open the eyes of my heart

“Open my eyes so that I can see all the wonderful things in your teachings.” Psalm 119:18 ERV

I am constantly losing my keys or important papers or something else that I need. When that happens, I know exactly what to do. I pray.

Well - ok. I will be truthful here - often I panic, turning the house upside down before I pray. LOL!
God who knows everything, knows exactly where I laid those pesky keys or where I put those important papers. Praying about it helps me calm down so I can hear his voice to find those things.

Sometimes I will remember where I put that thing I seek. Other times, I'll get an idea where to look. But God has never failed to help me find the item I need.

The same thing happens when I'm writing. If I get stuck at a certain point and need some insight on what a character should say or do to move the story forward, I pray about it and sooner or later an idea comes to resolve my dilemma.

You see, God is great at opening up our eyes when we ask him to. And not just about the little things either. When the big things happen, those things that confuse, hurt or alarm me, I ask him to show me the situation through his eyes.

What a difference His perspective makes! When I see situations through his eyes, I can see his protecting hand; I see his help or his grace. Even thought I still may have to go through the difficulty, I'm not so afraid or confused.

Thank you Lord for being an eye-opener to me whenever I need to see things through your eyes. Amen.

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