Friday, January 4, 2008

A Word In Season


I love it when I really need to hear a word from God and then I pick up my devotional book and there it is!

For Christmas I received a daily calendar from a dear friend with a new word for each day. She figured since I was a writer, I would appreciate a cool way to increase my vocabulary. The best part was that it also included an offer for a free daily calendar in my e-mail – no excuses for not knowing what day it is…

There were several choices for this e-mail daily so I chose a scripture one because I liked the pictures. It also gives me food for thought and a daily tidbit to munch on as I start my writing grind online.

Today I am reclining as I work due to pain in my sacriiliac (honest!!!) I visited the chiropractor yesterday who did some adjustments and told me it might feel worse before it felt better because it had taken a long time to get to this point of pain and would take some time for the surrounding muscles to heal.

Ugh! At least he was honest with me! But resting here this morning I opened up my e-mail calendar and was delighted with the verse – “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth..” 3 John verse 2 (KJV)

Since the first of January, God has been healing my spirit of the natural depression resulting from the losses of last year. Each day has been brighter and more fulfillingas my soul prospers, but I had developed this very painful back condition.

The word on the calendar page this morning was like a radiant smile from God to my soul – He is my healer, both physically and emotionally. It is His wish for me that I prosper and be in health!

This back problem will pass and I will be strengthened and once again able to do all He has for me to do. For today, I will rest in His smile and thank Him for knowing just what words I needed to hear and sending them my way!

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