Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Legacies - Plots and plans for Mother's Day

May and Mother's Day will be here before we know it! That's why the snowy, cold days of January are perfect for planning your church banquets and other Mother's Day activities.

This year our women's ministry group is going with the theme, "Legacies" for our Mother and Daughter dinner. So I thought I'd share our plans with you. Feel free to use or adapt this idea for your own - just let me know how your event turned out. I'd love to see your take on it.

Decorations: I have some wonderful vintage photos of my grandmother when she was a girl around the turn of the 20th century which inspired these ideas. We will be putting together a decorative display of vintage photos, albums and scrapbooks with a Victorian flare, using lace tablecloths, ribbon roses, antique beads and dried flowers.

Each of the tables will be decorated with a similar theme - tea-dyed lace, ribbon roses, beads, and candles will give the rook an old-fashioned feel - like stepping back in time. Old fashioned lace sachets made with potpourri and lace will double as table decorations and take-home favors for each guest.

Invitations: We will be making invitations using Valentine paper hearts which we will tea-dye, adding a heart shaped center with the info printed on it (by computer, of course!). Little rosettes of ribbon, roses, beads and lace will embellish the hearts and maybe even a magnet on the back so they can post them on the fridge until the banquet.

Activities: In one town where we lived, there was a photo studio that featured "Vintage" portraits. They provided all sorts of old fashioned garb for individuals to dress up. The photos were developed in sepia color tones for a more antique feel. So we thought we'd use the same idea to take photos of all the family groups. the photos will be developed after the banquet and mailed as a followup to all who attended, thanking them for coming and announcing future women's ministry activities.

We will also have a box where women can submit "advice" their moms gave them. Throughout the evening, slips will be drawn out of the box and read for all to enjoy. Those whose slips are drawn will win door prizes. We may even make up a gift booklet of the advice passed down from mother to daughter.

Our special speaker for the evening will speak on the legacy of faith moms pass down to future generations.

Well! That's it for today. Whew! The ladies at my church will have a lot to do to get ready, but we are all excited about "Legacies" as a fun activity and ministry tool to reach women with the good news of Christ!

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