Thursday, January 10, 2008

Too Busy?


My daughter is a home school mom and does a great job at it. With two school age children, two toddlers and a new baby on the way, I often wonder how she can stay so organized. I know she didn't learn it from me.

Being three Abby loves to be involved whenever she can with her two older siblings, coloring while Jack and Eve are working on school work or doing art projects with them. So it just seemed natural for my daughter to bring up the idea of preschool in conversation with her little one.

Abby appeared in the living room wearing that post-nap "I'm-not-quite-awake-yet" angelic expression and curled up next to her mom for some Mother-Daughter time. "Maybe next year you can go to school too with Jack and Eve," her mom said stroking her hair and cuddling the little one.

Abby looked up at her mom with her eyes wide and a little frown on her face. "Oh no, mommy. I'm too busy." Then to prove her point, she jumped off the sofa and went her way on her next activity, all evidence of sleep gone.

Being a wise mom, she won't push Abby to do "schoolwork." Allissa will just provide opportunities for the child's natural curiosity to learn and continue encouraging her to be a part of the "lesson" time with her siblings. By the time Abby is five, she'll be ready and excited to begin the more structured kindergarten curriculum.

Likewise, I love to curl up next to my heavenly Abba and sense His loving arms around me. But like my granddaughter, I often jump up and run off to do my "see-I'm-busy-for-you-work" when He begins to share something new He wants to introduce to my life.

Usually it's because I feel insecure or wary about His new direction or task, but He is wise! He lets me stew on it awhile until I work through the acceptance process and come back to Him with questions and a cautious enthusiasm. He will even provide life experiences and people to guide me gently toward His will.

Without realizing what He has been doing, it suddenly hits me - I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me. He has been busy orchestrating my life until I reach the point I know I can and want to do His will.

Boy, do I feel loved!

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Allissa said...

Well Mom,
I am not quite sure where I get it from either.....maybe it's just my extremist mentality or my desire to be as different as possible. The only thing that keeps me going is sheer determination and dependence on God......Maybe that is what it's all about......depending on God.