Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heartaches For Humanity

I’ve never considered myself an “activist.” Yet of late the issue of human trafficking has weighed heavily on my heart. So much so that I have to “do something” about it.

Several years ago, I watched a video clip about young girls being lured from their poverty stricken rural homes by promises of good jobs in a far city. Upon arrival they were taken to the brothel owners, imprisoned and beaten into submission until they lost the will to fight. They became victims of the sex slave industry.

That brief video clip has haunted me ever since. So much so that I began to pray about what I could do to help. Of course, God had a plan – as He always does. He gave me the idea for a second Bible novel , this time about Rahab, protraying her as a victim of human trafficking. God aslo spoke to my heart, directing me to dedicate the profits from this novel to missions organizations which work with victims of human trafficking.

It’s been a long journey to the completion of this book. – one that has forced me to face many of my own writing demons, especially fear. But God is good! The book is completed and in the final stages of preparation for publication. That which has burned inside is becoming a reality.

I pray that your heart will also be stirred to prayer, and ultimately to action for the Kingdom of God. Your burden may not be the same as mine. Seeing people come to Jesus may be your passion. Perhaps the hurts of those around you will spur you to action. The important thing is that you listen to the heart of God and respond with whatever tools and talents He has given you!

Be sure to check out the video link in the post below featuring Lisa Bevere discussing the scope and devastation of human trafficking in the lives of its victims. Your heart will be moved.

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Daughter of Scarlet is absolutely wonderful!

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