Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Decorations...On a Shoestring Budget

I don't claim to be a great decorator, but several people commented on my Christmas decorations this year so I thought I'd show some of them (besides, my daughter in Florida wants to see them... Hi Lis!)

Since we just moved 3 1/2 months ago, I don't have curtains in the dining room yet. They clash with my wallpaper so I have to paint the walls first. With everything going on, I just haven't had a chance to paint, so I had to do SOMETHING to camouflage it - Solution: a card hanging window treatment. Easy and the price is right! Just loop ribbons over the curtain rods and staple my Christmas cards to the ribbons. Voila! I will probably have to add a few more ribbons before Christmas...

Oh dear! My Christmas tablecloth got a large bleach spot on it which ate a nasty hole in the middle. So I had to use a different tablecloth which wasn't Christmassy. Solution: I put a strip of 8 inch wide glittery Christmas ribbon which made a wonderful table runner down the middle and used some of my crystal glassware to hold ornaments and candles.

Working at a flower shop for several years had its advantages. I purchased several containers for floral arrangements - like these two Thomas Kinkaide houses and the metallic church. But I had never done anything with them. This year, I needed more table centerpieces so I decided to make up the church. Wouldn't you know it - I didn't have many artificial Christmas greens to use. Oh well - Regular ferns and ivy mixed with a few sprigs of artificial pine and red and white flowers worked just as well, don't you think?

Like about a million other people, I enjoy snowmen. I never really set out to collect them, but have acquired quite a few over the years.

There's really nothing special about the last two pictures - just a traditional (fake) tree and my Christmas village but I included them because I want to brag on my DH. This year he put up the tree from start to finish so I figured he deserved to have icicles on the tree if he wanted them. Several years ago he made a topper for our entertainment center and drilled holes in it so I could display my collection of Christmas houses. It really looks great and has become a traditional decoration, complete with a little train which the grandkids love. Way to go, Dan!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my "virtual tour" of Christmas decorations on a shoestring budget LOL! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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